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Art Advisors

  • Our organisation offers independent advice on the development and handling of modern, contemporary art collections. We source top works of art for the best prices and provide a comprehensive range of services to help you manage your collection.

  • To be able to recognise quality, one must “learn” to view art in much the same way one must learn to play an instrument. Only those who see a great deal, draw constant comparisons, ask questions and collect information can rely on their intuition and make the right decision regarding the purchase or sale of a piece of art.

  • The art market is more complex than ever before. Media globalisation, new ways of perceiving art (thanks to the internet) and the expectation of consistently worthwhile investments make this unregulated market an attractive place for major players. This, in turn, makes independent advice all the more valuable and essential.

  • An authentic appreciation for the true value of art can enrich a collector in a way far removed from the commercial aspects of collecting. Anyone who has experienced the emotions a great piece of art can trigger – or the energy or power it can exude – will recognise the value of which we speak.

  • “If I think about what drove me to begin collecting young, I realise that my sole motivation was the joy I received from my contact with art and artists. Art has given me the internal enrichment that no material possession ever could” Dr. Bernhard Sprengel, Collector and Art Patron

  • Our independent advice doesn’t just help young collectors and art enthusiasts to establish themselves on the market - established collectors and institutions also avail themselves of our comprehensive services for collection management. In Germany, as in other parts of the world, professional advice is ever more frequently sought for transactions in an unregulated market.

  • Personalised services for collaborations or art-in-architecture projects, the right choice of auction house for art sales, purchase negotiations with galleries and art dealers, collection management and relations with artists and institutions: all of the above are handled by us with expertise and flair.

Advisory Services

  • Consulting: The trained eye and independent advice of an experienced art advisor are vital for finding the right works of art for a collection. Bringing knowledge and plenty of empathy to the table, the advisor supports his clients with all aspects of art purchasing and a diverse range of tasks related to collection management.

  • Purchasing: "Price determines supply and demand" – a mantra that’s law for dealers, but is only partially true for the non-transparent art market. Individuals lacking a good network, insider knowledge and experience are more likely to lose money than create value. While, ultimately, a collector’s own intuition should be the deciding factor in any purchasing decision, this does not necessarily mean that they will end up with the most sought-after works.

  • Selling: Collectors looking to position artworks favourably must analyse the market precisely to ensure that sales do not fall through due to lack of interest. Cooperating with the right dealer, choosing the right auction house (at the right place and time) or approaching the right collector – all of is forms an “art” in itself.

  • Art-In-Architecture Projects: It’s widely recognised that the right art can serve to enhance architectural designs or benefit the image of a diverse range of products. Yet in order for art-in-architecture projects or partnerships with companies to be realised, a deep level of mutual understanding is required – as are the technical tools for the project’s (sometimes elaborate) implementation.

  • Yacht Art Management: There are a number of special requirements for the installation of high-quality works of art on boats. Customs and export regulations, insurance, protection of cultural property, exposure to light, humidity, movement and safety issues all demand years’ worth of experience and expertise. Together with our experienced partner Astor Milan Salcedo, this is something we are able to offer.

  • Collection Management: A comprehensive collection management service includes valuation advice, restoration, archiving, transport, documentation, insurance, storage, curation, framing, lending, tax and legal advice, administration of estates, charitable foundations, gifts, purchasing and selling and strategic advice for collection development.

  • Art Mediation: The work of a professional art consultant also encompasses a diverse range of services including the accompaniment of clients at art fairs, the planning of art tours, the provision of introductions for opening events, the curation of exhibitions, the creation of texts or the giving of lectures on various themes related to collection development or news from the art market.

  • Remuneration: Costs are based on a fixed hourly rate and/or are earnings-based and calculated as a percentage of gallery price/budget. Any added value or further profits resulting from the negotiations are retained by the customer. The cost of our independent consulting service is calculated transparently in accordance with the individual requirements of our respective clients.


  • Tilman Kriesel's first glimpses into the world of art came at a young age, when friends invited him to a private viewing of a collection. He has spent many years imparting to others his sense of quality, his authentic appreciation of artistic values, his knowledge of art and, above all, his passion.

  • Family: Tilman comes from a long line of established art and culture connoisseurs, most notably his grandfather Dr. Bernhard Sprengel (a passionate collector) and his culture-loving parents. Involvement with contemporary art has been an important touchstone throughout all stages of his life.

  • Maxim: “Art has given me the internal enrichment that no material possession ever could. Buying artworks in the hope of realising a quick profit is far, far removed from collecting. Joy in art cannot be reconciled with financial speculation.” Dr. Bernhard Sprengel, Art Patron

  • Education: Tilman is a registered member of the Chamber of Architects. After studying architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and gaining work experience in a visionary international agency, Tilman was certified as an architect and worked on important projects for prestigious clients both at home and abroad.

  • Values: "Like most other art enthusiasts, I have a passion for getting acquainted with art, exploring its themes and, when the circumstances are right, purchasing it. As my grandfather did before me, I seek advice from the best experts and most prominent opinion leaders of our time – an independent opinion is the only one that counts!” Tilman Kriesel

  • Involvement: From a young age, Tilman Kriesel has sought out voluntary opportunities in the world of art: the establishment and development of new societies and associations of friends, participation in juries and selection committees, the organisation of numerous international art tours, lectures and introductory events, and essays on a diverse array of topics.

Pro Bono

  • BVUK

    Bundesverband unabhängiger Kunstberater: (The Association of Professional Art Advisors – German division) As a Member of BVUK Tilman Kriesel has undertaken to the observe of the ‚Code of Ethics’ established 1980 by the ‚Assoziation of Professionell Art Advisors' (APaA) in New York City.

  • ProducersArtSale

    Producers Art Sale (PAS) is a project on the theme of “Art in the Age of the Internet”. This online platform offers selected artists from the ‘P/ART – Producers Artfair’ the chance to have their work professionally presented and mediated.

  • Sprengelverein

    Friends of the Sprengel Museum Hannover e.V.: As a member of the board, Tilman helps to support the work of the museum and represent the interests of its friends.

  • Sprengels.net

    Sprengels.net, the Young Friends of the Sprengel Museum Hannover: With the aim of ensuring that young friends’ voices are also heard, sprengels.net was founded as a platform for the exchange of ideas amongst like-minded individuals.

  • Junge Kunstfreunde

    Die Bundesinitiative Junge Freunde Kunstmuseen: (Federal Initiative for Young Friends of Art Mueums) aims to assist other museums in forming young associations of friends and establishing a country-wide network for the enhanced sharing of knowledge.

  • Sprengel Museum Hannover

    Sprengel Museum Hannover: has one of the world’s most important collections of classical modern and contemporary art. The collection’s high standards of quality are manifested in key works by Picassso, Klee, Nolde and Schwitters.

  • Kunststiftung Bernhard Sprengel und Freunde

    Kunststiftung Bernhard Sprengel und Freunde: (Art Foundation of Bernhard Sprengel and Friends): Established to receive important additions and major endowment contributions to the Sprengel collection, which continues to be represented by the Sprengel family.

  • Mehr Museum

    Mehr Museum: Das Mehr Museum (More Museum) is a campaign by the Friends of the Sprengel Museum Hannover to fund the third stage of the extension. Thanks to its work, important lots can be presented to the public for the first time.

  • Förderkreis Deichtorhallen Hamburg e.V.

    Förderkreis Deichtorhallen Hamburg e.V.: (Friends of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg): A selected group of dedicated art lovers have come together to support the Deichtorhallen Hamburg in its development of the Falckenberg collection. Tilman is co-founder and member of the board.

  • Kunstverein in Hamburg

    Kunstverein in Hamburg: (Hamburg Art Association): The association, which is supported by civic engagement and counts among Hamburg’s most important institutions, is setting new benchmarks with its avant-garde programme. Tilman Kriesel sat on the the board until 2014.

  • (P/ART)

    P/ART, Producers Art Fair: Trade shows are gaining in importance as a platform for contemporary art. At the P/ART, artists seleced by an independent jury present their works directly to an art-loving audience.


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