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Art Advisors

  • We provide independent and comprehensive consulting services in the international art world. We impart content, structure the set-up of high-quality art collections, offer comprehensive collection management and support with sales processes.

  • Only those who are willing to learn to 'see', those who compare, question and are interested in content will be able to rely on their intuition. What is personally 'pleasing' does not necessarily have to be recognised quality - certainly not significant, preserving value or even relevant.

  • 'First Choice' is often decisive in gaining access to the highest quality art works. Our selected customers benefit from content mediation and a personal network to the most interesting dealers, artists, artworks and prices.

Advisory Services

  • Independent Consulting: With a skilled eye and prudent advice from a well-connected link in the art business, it is important to find - and get - the highest quality artworks. As a service provider with empathy and passion, he accompanies all aspects from purchase to sale.

  • Art Mediation: A professional consultation always includes a wide variety of forms of mediation in terms of content: visits to trade fairs, art trips, curation or lectures on various themes of the collection's structure or on current topics.

  • Investment: "Art has enriched me more than any material possession", Bernhard Sprengel. If you see art as speculation, you will never recognize its value. The economic return on investment can far exceed the emotional value.

  • Value appraisal: The value and price of an image can vary greatly. We are commissioned with the valuation of estates or individual works of art - to determine the replacement value or the so-called recoverable market value.

  • The collection management includes valuation, restoration, archiving, transport, documentation, insurance, storage, curation, curation, loan transactions, tax issues, buying and selling, strategy consulting for building up the collection, and much more.

  • Artist agent: As an independent actor in the network of the art market, we combine all interests in the field of tension between: collector - artist - trader. Thus, we also place promising talents for the long-term promotion of galleries and dealers.

  • Collection dissolution: What has been gathered over many years to be destroyed by auctions is not always the best option. Placing, optimizing, continuing, giving or even donating a collection requires weighing up the possibilities.

  • Place-Making has been proven to enhance real estate and enhance the image of various products. However, in order to realize projects or cooperations with companies, technical understanding of construction processes is essential.

  • Yacht Art Management (Flyer) Special requirements apply to the placement of high-quality works of art on yachts. Sunlight, moisture, movement, lack of space and safety require expertise - which we offer with our experienced partners from the yacht world.


  • Due to his family background, Tilman Kriesel became passionately involved in countless engagements in the art world at an early age. As a trained architect and project developer, he was increasingly sought out for his attitude in the art world. Today he builds up collections and shares his passion with the familiar.

  • Today his family is still committed to quality - the motto of his grandfather, the chocolate manufacturer and famous art patron Dr. Bernhard Sprengel: 'Curiosity is the key to the content', and the confrontation with hitherto unknown things is part of the intellectual family heritage.

  • TKA press review I:
    "Ist das Kunst - oder kann ich weg?" - Stern/NEON Magazin, 2017|10
    "Nicht gleich kaufen!" - Monopol Magazin, 2017|05
    Fine art on superyachts! - Boat International Magazin, 2016|10
    "Kulturrecht ohne Rechtskultur." - Private Wealth Magazin, 2016|09

  • TKA press review II:
    A Third Generation Collector In Pursuit Of Quality. - Larry's List, 2015|10
    Mein Museum: Sprengels Schokoladenseite. - Artcollector Magazin, 2015|04
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Pro Bono

  • Kunstsammler

    German Association of Art Collectors: (Co-Founder/ Management Board) We are committed to the overriding interests that serve the image of Germany as a cultural centre. Avoiding the effects of the "Kulturgutschutzgesetz" is currently our primary goal.

  • BVUK

    The Association of Professional Art Advisors: (Founder of the German division) As a Member of BVUK Tilman Kriesel has undertaken to the observe of the ‚Code of Ethics’ established 1980 in NYC by the ‚Assoziation of Professionell Art Advisors' APaA.

  • ProducersArtSale

    Producers Art Sale (PAS) is a project on the theme of “Art in the Age of the Internet”. This online platform offers selected artists from the ‘P/ART – Producers Artfair’ the chance to have their work professionally presented and mediated.

  • Sprengelverein

    Friends of the Sprengel Museum Hannover e.V.: As a member of the board, Tilman helps to support the work of the museum and represent the interests of its friends.

  • Sprengels.net

    Sprengels.net, the Young Friends of the Sprengel Museum Hannover: With the aim of ensuring that young friends’ voices are also heard, sprengels.net was founded as a platform for the exchange of ideas amongst like-minded individuals.

  • Junge Kunstfreunde

    Die Bundesinitiative Junge Freunde Kunstmuseen: (Federal Initiative for Young Friends of Art Mueums) aims to assist other museums in forming young associations of friends and establishing a country-wide network for the enhanced sharing of knowledge.

  • Sprengel Museum Hannover

    Sprengel Museum Hannover: has one of the world’s most important collections of classical modern and contemporary art. The collection’s high standards of quality are manifested in key works by Picassso, Klee, Nolde and Schwitters.

  • Kunststiftung Bernhard Sprengel und Freunde

    Kunststiftung Bernhard Sprengel und Freunde: (Art Foundation of Bernhard Sprengel and Friends): Established to receive important additions and major endowment contributions to the Sprengel collection, which continues to be represented by the Sprengel family.

  • Mehr Museum

    Mehr Museum: Das Mehr Museum (More Museum) is a campaign by the Friends of the Sprengel Museum Hannover to fund the third stage of the extension. Thanks to its work, important lots can be presented to the public for the first time.

  • Förderkreis Deichtorhallen Hamburg e.V.

    Förderkreis Deichtorhallen Hamburg e.V.: (Friends of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg): A selected group of dedicated art lovers have come together to support the Deichtorhallen Hamburg in its development of the Falckenberg collection. Tilman is co-founder and member of the board.

  • Kunstverein in Hamburg

    Kunstverein in Hamburg: (Hamburg Art Association): The association, which is supported by civic engagement and counts among Hamburg’s most important institutions, is setting new benchmarks with its avant-garde programme. Tilman Kriesel sat on the the board until 2014.

  • (P/ART)

    P/ART, Producers Art Fair: Trade shows are gaining in importance as a platform for contemporary art. At the P/ART, artists seleced by an independent jury present their works directly to an art-loving audience.


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